Style Profile: Hunter Burgan

Name, age, title/job, hometown:
Hunter Burgan, 35, musician/songwriter (AFI, Las Gatas Beach Club, etc.), Grass Valley

Describe your style in five words.
Smart anarchist meets dark library.

What are you into wearing these days?
I’ve recently reexamined the role of pants in my wardrobe only to confirm that I’ve been doing it right all along.

Tell us about your most embarrassing fashion phase or outfit .

Name one person, living or dead, whose style inspires you .
I really admire Einstein’s dedication to a single outfit. Time that he would have spent selecting outfits was instead used  for more important things. 

What do you love the most about your Generic Surplus shoes?
Their simplicity doesn’t undermine their maturity.

What does the shoe of your dreams look like?
I’m not going to just give away my design ideas for free.

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  • Mar 08,2012