Style Profile: Neil Schield, Origami Vinyl

Name, age, title/job, hometown:
Neil Schield, 35, Owner Origami Vinyl, Los Angeles

Describe your style in five words.
Simple, easy, lazy, cozy, huggable

What are you into wearing these days?
Not much has changed over the years… Jeans, button-up with rolled up sleeves and a beanie

Tell us about your most embarrassing fashion phase or outfit.
Really? You’re going there? It’s gotta be my rave days with big pants. Barf!

Name one person, living or dead, whose style inspires you.
Not that I dress like him in any way, or could, but Nick Cave has always had a great look.

What does the shoe of your dreams look like?
Simple, canvas low top, rubber sole

What do you love the most about your Generic Surplus shoes?
That girls give me compliments and make me blush

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  • 2 years ago
  • Oct 26,2011